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2015-07-07Audio: Bitstream: fix no sound when plug/unplug hdmi.HEADmasterRockchip
2015-05-29Audio: Bitstream: fix some receiver's hbr no sound issue.Rockchip
2015-05-29hdmi: fix edid list bug.Rockchip
2015-05-28Audio: Bitstream: fix nlpcm/hbr audio compatiable problem.Rockchip
2015-05-26ASoC: rockchip: i2s: remove debug irq info.Rockchip
2015-05-08wifi & bt: default is ap6635.Rockchip
2015-05-08wifi & bt: rtl8821au's wifi and bt bing
2015-04-08Audio: Bitstream:Rockchip
2015-03-28sd boot:fixed the bug that machine can not enter the uboot GuideRockchip
2015-03-281 Add QosProbe for YunOS <media.qosprobe.debug>Rockchip
2015-03-25add CEC send retryRockchip
2015-03-23Resolve Bug: HTML can't play local video;Rockchip
2015-03-09BT: solve bluetooth hid problem:Rockchip
2015-03-03BT: awaken the host by bluetooth.Rockchip
2015-02-14Gallery2: Not Free BitmapTexture ManuallyRockchip
2015-02-14Void Memory Leak (bmp)when decode image with BitmapRegionDecoderRockchip
2015-02-12Merge branch 'master' of box_release:rk3288/box/4.4.2_r1Rockchip
2015-02-12Decode Original Bitmap by BitmapRegionDecoder for JPG and PNG onlyRockchip
2015-02-04hdmi: use irq mode.Rockchip
2015-01-30save 3d state, if 3d state changing then reset viewportRockchip
2015-01-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-01-29Wifi: add wifi chip name /sys/class/rkwifi/chip for 8723BU,8812AU.Rockchip
2015-01-29Wifi->rtl8723au: update dirver to version 4.00(4.1.11_12622.20141215).Rockchip
2015-01-22update for build errRockchip
2015-01-21update for youku 4k videoRockchip
2015-01-20Kernel-VPU-VCodec: reset vpu_vcodec when vcodec_error occursRockchip
2015-01-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-01-16reverse 24703d3f23b6711b055ea80e2f4f4c07cb81bb09(vpu driver)Rockchip
2015-01-16To solve the recovery when the HDCP errorRockchip
2015-01-14pvtv:Increase the number of voltage margin value of arm .Rockchip
2015-01-12update for newest file ffmpeg.soRockchip
2015-01-12OTA UpdateRockchip
2015-01-07Kernel-VPU-VCodec: reset vpu_vcodec when vcodec_error occursRockchip
2015-01-05Merge branch 'master' of
2015-01-04HDMI: Support HDCP. Default hdcp function is disabled. If you want toRockchip
2014-12-31Merge branch 'master' of
2014-12-31更新音视频库,修改内存泄露的bug;修改蓝光3D 视频闪的bugRockchip
2014-12-26wifi->rtl8189: to resolve the problem of the wifi break line after awakening.Rockchip
2014-12-26BT->rtl8723bu: update the BT firmware,to resolve of some bluetooth device is ...Rockchip
2014-12-25 1.fix the WFD's RTSP M16 (timeout) problem.Rockchip
2014-12-23Audio : fix the noise sound when kill mediaserverRockchip
2014-12-23Audio : add the support for xbmc passthrough using spdif outputRockchip
2014-12-22sdio: update sdio driver, to solve the problem of wifi break line.Rockchip
2014-12-21Audio: fix bitstream pause/seek maybe noisy or nosound.Rockchip